SaintsWeLove: Exploring Over 150 Modern Saints Through Art and Narratives

Saints We announces its debut, revolutionizing how contemporary culture interacts with the spiritual and historical richness of saints. With over 150 modern-styled art pieces and narratives, this multimedia platform and lifestyle brand redefines engagement with the lives of over 10,000 saints. Founder Joanna Stone aims to inspire with art that blends traditional saintly symbolism with modern design, accompanied by engaging stories.

Dallas, TX, March 29, 2024 --( Saints We is thrilled to announce its launch as a novel multimedia platform and lifestyle brand, dedicated to bridging the historical and spiritual significance of over 10,000 saints with contemporary culture and daily living.
At the heart of this ambitious venture lies a unique art project: the creation of over 150 modern-day styled portraits of saints, accompanied by compelling narratives of their lives and legacies.

Joanna Stone, the visionary founder, expresses her enthusiasm for the project: "We're not just telling stories; we're reimagining the saints for today's world. Through artistic innovation and narrative depth, we aim to make the wisdom, courage, and compassion of these remarkable figures accessible and inspirational to a modern audience."

Key Highlights of Saints We

Modern-Day Saint Portraits: A groundbreaking collection of over 150 portraits, crafted by skilled artists commissioned specifically for this project. These portraits reimagine saints with a contemporary aesthetic, making their images relatable and inspiring for today's society. Each artwork is thoughtfully designed to reflect the essence and individuality of the saint, blending traditional symbols with modern artistry.

Engaging Life Stories: Alongside each portrait, visitors will find detailed stories of the saints' lives, exploring their journeys, challenges, and the spiritual insights they offer. These narratives are crafted to engage readers, highlighting the relevance of the saints' experiences to contemporary issues such as resilience, faith, and moral integrity.

Multimedia Experience: The platform extends beyond static content, offering videos that delve into the making of the portraits, artist interviews, and animated stories of the saints' lives. This multimedia approach enriches the user experience, providing multiple avenues to connect with the saints' legacies.

Lifestyle Brand: Reflecting the desire to keep the saints close in daily life, Saints We offers a range of lifestyle products featuring the commissioned portraits. From home decor to personal accessories, these items allow individuals to incorporate the strength and guidance of the saints into their personal space and routine.

Educational and Spiritual Resources: Beyond art, Saints We is a comprehensive resource for learning and spiritual growth. Features include insights into the canonization process, the significance of patron saints, practical advice inspired by saints for modern challenges, and much more.

Global and Cultural Perspectives: Recognizing the universal appeal of the saints, the platform showcases saints from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, emphasizing the rich diversity of saintly legacies worldwide.

"Our mission is to inspire and uplift through the stories and images of saints, making their timeless wisdom tangible and relevant," says Joanna Stone. "We invite everyone to explore these modern portrayals and discover the profound impact these figures can have on our lives today."

About Saints We
Saints We is an innovative platform and lifestyle brand that offers a unique blend of spirituality, art, and culture. Through a comprehensive array of media, educational content, and inspired products, it serves as a dynamic space for exploring the lives and lessons of saints in a way that resonates with contemporary audiences.

Joanna Stone, Founder
Joanna Stone