iUniverse Would Like to Announce the Release of The Deck of Life by Richard Ferrara

Bloomington, IN, June 19, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Doctor Instructs on How to Play the ‘Winning Hand’ in Life.

His First Book Utilizes a Holistic Approach to Health Based on Temperament Theory.

Despite the rapid advances and benefits made by medical technology in recent years, many people have become increasingly dissatisfied with modern health care. Through several decades of his practice in dermatology and internal medicine, Dr. Richard J. Ferrara became more and more aware of the connection between the genetic code as it relates to body build, temperament and disease predisposition. Using his observations, based on the temperament theory instituted by Hippocrates, Ferrara wrote his first book, The Deck of Life, to help readers utilize their genetics in order to live life to the fullest.

The Deck of Life is primarily a self-help book and was written to promote an awareness of the relationship between the temperaments, the body build, personality and a predisposition to acquire certain diseases. In the pages of this informative book, readers will learn how to balance the body as a whole to achieve a more fulfilling life with much less stress. The Deck of Life is presented in five main parts and covers:

The temperament theory originated by Hippocrates
The direct correlation between temperament, body build and a predisposition to certain diseases
Discovering and balancing temperament for a more effective life in the areas of vocation, marriage, parenting and interpersonal relationships
Proper care of the body, mind and soul
The rise of holistic and integrative medicine from the healing of the whole person

“Life can be equated in a simplistic manner to a deck of cards. We are dealt a specific hand of cards without our choice,” says Ferrara. “We must accept the hand we are dealt and the responsibility to manage it successfully to achieve our desired goal in life with balance and the maximum potential for health, happiness and longevity.”

Ferrara’s informative and well-researched book is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning more about themselves and others, especially physicians and anyone involved in the healing profession. His insightful observations and conclusions are relevant in an era and when an increasing amount of people are taking a more integrated and holistic approach to their health care.

About the Author
Richard J. Ferrara was a dermatologist for 44 years in addition to teaching and lecturing at Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit, MI. He actively writes and researches, and currently resides in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI.

ISBN: 0-595-48061-6; Publish Date March 2008; iUniverse; 6 x 9; 178 Pages

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