Dynamsoft Barcode Reader Now Part of Powerful New SDK Suite for Creating Data Capture Solutions

New Architecture Enables Developers to Build Solutions Combining Multiple Dynamsoft SDKs

Miami, FL, April 09, 2024 --(PR.com)-- Dynamsoft, a leading computer vision developer tool specialist, announced the release of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader Version 10.0.21 JavaScript Edition.

This latest version of their industry leading barcode reader software developer kit (SDK) has been developed in response to customer needs to integrate multiple Dynamsoft data capture SDKs in their solutions.

To make developers more efficient and empower them to build multi-functional solutions, with greater control over capture, viewing and image processing, the company has devised the new Dynamsoft Capture Vision (DCV) architecture. This latest version of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader has been refactored into this ground-breaking architecture.

Real-World Applications
As a practical example, a bank may need to scan an ID using a mobile device during customer onboarding. This might involve scanning the document for archive purposes, reading a barcode and auto-filling account opening form fields. In this scenario, developers could make use of not only Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader, but also its Document Normalizer for automatic document capture and border crop and the built-in Document Viewer to clean up the image for archive. To enable more control over mobile cameras for focusing and zoom, the developer could also bring in the Dynamsoft Camera Enhancer.

"This release of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader opens up huge possibilities for developers to build multi-faceted data capture solutions," commented Amy Gu, CEO of Dynamsoft. "With our powerful new architecture, developers can build conceptual prototypes within hours, while allowing for complex customizations for more demanding tasks later on."

For business app developers the new architecture means:

Incorporate barcode reading in multi-pronged solutions. Use the industry leading Dynamsoft Barcode Reader, known for exceptional accuracy with challenging barcodes, alongside other document capture and image processing SDKs.

Turn mobile devices into powerful scanning devices. Enable mobile browsers to be used for fast, easy document capture, with camera controls for enhanced focusing.

Customize every aspect of capture workflows. Flexible options to customize capture modes, manual border selection and cropping, image editing and document viewing to fit specific business workflows.

Cleanup images for OCR. Enhance image quality and fix issues such as inconsistent lighting by applying filters, rotation and brightening before uploading to a server for data extraction via OCR.

Document Management. View and manage all pages within a document. Swap, share and delete pages easily. Save in various formats for efficient archiving.

Customer Migration Options

Dynamsoft customers can choose to upgrade to the new JavaScript version to embrace the potential of the new architecture or stay fully supported on the previous version. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 10.2.10 C++ edition was also released with enhanced support of multi-threading barcode reading which improves decoding efficiency.

About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is a state-of-the-art barcode scanning software developer kit (SDK) that provides exceptional accuracy, even with challenging barcodes. Using advanced algorithms, it can read damaged, distorted, or poorly barcodes reliably at industry leading speeds, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, making it easy to deploy and use in various industries, including retail, logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing.

About Dynamsoft
Dynamsoft is a computer vision specialist, providing barcode reading and document capture solutions for developers. Dynamsoft's SDKs are optimized for accuracy and speed in the most challenging enterprise settings and are in use by over 10,000 customers worldwide including IBM, Siemens, Fujifilm, GE and Lockheed Martin.
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