Alonce Music Agency Working Hand in Hand with CA2NY Music Media

Alonce Music Agency is now backed by one of the nations fastest rising music media companies, CA2NY Music Media. Artists will now have the ability to have their public relations campaigns developed from a reputable, fast moving organization.

Wilmington, DE, June 19, 2008 --( CA2NY Music Media, quickly earning its spot within the music industry as the leading provider of music media services, is now offering Alonce Music Agency amazing cost effective services. CA2NY Music Media and Alonce Music Agency joined forces in May of this year with the objective to give every qualified artist or band the opportunity to share their unique music with the world and at a fraction of the normal cost.

CA2NY Music Media continuously studies what the most effective methods are to properly promote artists and bands. Whether it is from certain online internet development methods or the development of more effective industry contacts, CA2NY Music Media goes after results.

“Press releases, band branding, and proper tour development are over looked by most artists and bands,” said Alonce, CEO of Alonce Music Agency, “Now that Alonce Music Agency is backed by a reputable, results driven public relations firm, our artists are going to continue to have great success in 2008 and for many years to come.”

CA2NY Music Media hasn’t just stopped with combining forces with one of the nation’s top Booking Agencies, Alonce Music Agency, but they have also joined forces with indie label, Go Large Records International, LLC. Go Large Records works with artists and bands from every genre of music and primarily focuses on band branding, image development, and distribution of music to various sources. Southern Wreck, a new southern hip hop sensation signed by Go Large records International, LLC known for club hits like “Wobble” and “Bounce”, now has the opportunity to receive public relations services worth thousands of dollars at a fraction of the cost for a more long lasting public relations campaign.

“Southern Wreck’s campaign has been very successful for us so far, but his press has doubled since we combined forces with CA2NY Music Media,” said Southern Wreck’s manager, Cali Sky. “His distribution has excelled and his fan base has grown as well.”

CA2NY Music Media is currently working on many other huge plans for artists, bands, other labels, and their very own company success. Expect more news worthy press releases about CA2NY Music Media to come very soon as their artists and clients continue to grow in their success.

To learn more about opportunities to receive discounted services through CA2NY Music Media, please visit their partner at and make sure to submit a sample of your music for review. Both Alonce Music Agency and CA2NY Music Media are very selective firms and receive many submissions everyday, so please be patient while they work through their submission process.

Alonce Music Agency - CA2NY Music Media
Jennifer Holderman