San Francisco Ambient Music Artist, Celestial Trails, Releases "Lunar Beachcomber"

Celestial Trails, the solo ambient music project hailing from San Francisco and led by Fluttery Records founder Taner Torun, unveils its inaugural release, "Lunar Beachcomber."

San Francisco, CA, April 14, 2024 --( Fluttery Records founder, Taner Torun's Celestial Trails, weaves organic tapestry with electronic precision on debut album "Lunar Beachcomber."

Drawing from Torun's diverse musical background and extensive travels, "Lunar Beachcomber" is a sonic voyage that transcends boundaries. Through meticulous layering of organic and electronic elements, Celestial Trails crafts immersive soundscapes that transport listeners to ethereal realms.

Utilizing a blend of piano, analog synths, electric and bass guitars, as well as virtual electronic instruments, Celestial Trails weaves intricate textures that evoke the warmth of natural landscapes and the vastness of cosmic expanses. The album's sonic palette is further enriched through electroacoustic techniques, including reverb, delay, harmonizing, tape manipulation, and sonic deconstruction.

Recorded between June 2023 and January 2024, "Lunar Beachcomber" captures moments of inspiration from cities such as Pittsburgh, PA, and San Francisco, CA. These locales serve as the backdrop for Torun's exploration of themes ranging from the beauty of nature to the mysteries of the universe.

Despite its abstract nature, "Lunar Beachcomber" shines with discernible melodies weaving through its atmospheric landscapes. Infused with elements of science fiction and surrealism, the album presents a rich tapestry of sound that is both captivating and thought-provoking.

"Lunar Beachcomber" is now available for streaming and download on all major digital platforms. For more information and to stay updated on Celestial Trails' latest releases and upcoming projects, visit and follow Celestial Trails on social media platforms.
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