eZ Publish and IBM Mainframes by WebDeal

San Francisco, CA, June 19, 2008 --(PR.com)-- WebDeal, which is both a world-class eZ Publish expert and an IBM Business Partner, has now brought together the best of two worlds to the benefit of its enterprise customers.

Large enterprises need to run the best, most stable software solutions, but not even top-notch solutions will work well unless they run on powerful server systems. These server systems must in turn be sustained by an excellent hosting infrastructure.

After performing a battery of quality assurance tests, WebDeal’s technical team can now attest that the combination of eZ Systems’ eZ Publish Content Management System (CMS) and IBM System z hardware is possible on WebDeal’s premium hosting environment. WebDeal’s System z users will be able to run eZ Publish without having to make any changes to their existing server platform.

This announcement further establishes the concept of “Technical Excellence” that has become WebDeal’s trademark.

eZ Publish is eZ Systems’ award-winning, Open Source CMS for web publishing, media portals, intranets, e-commerce and extranets, while System z is IBM’s mainframe platform for the enterprise. WebDeal is the world’s leading eZ Publish hosting provider, and therefore also the most qualified to unleash all the potential of eZ Publish on mainframe platforms.

WebDeal will be demonstrating the successful combination of eZ Publish and IBM System z at the upcoming Open Nordic & eZ Conference in Skien, Norway, on June 19 & 20. This conference brings together Open Source and eZ Publish enthusiasts from around the world.

Existing and potential customers interested in hearing about the advantages of mainframe systems and eZ Publish are also welcome to contact WebDeal at sales@webdealhosting.com for more information.

About WebDeal

Founded in 2001, WebDeal is the world's leading eZ Publish hosting provider. The company has a strong partnership with IBM in the Open Source marketplace. Mastering both conventional Intel-based servers and more advanced IBM Power servers, WebDeal has over the years been recognized for its high technical standards, a strategy they call “Technical Excellence”. WebDeal's services include Premium Shared Hosting, Fully Managed Dedicated Servers and Fully Managed Dedicated Clusters. As an international organization, WebDeal has offices located in Norway, UK and USA.

Shezmeen Prasad