Versasec Announces Its Credential Management Integration of FIDO2 Fingerprint Biometrics

Stockholm, Sweden, April 22, 2024 --( Versasec’s commitment to enabling FIDO2 for the enterprise continues to shine with its latest product version, 6.11. Versasec credential management systems, vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD, can now issue and enroll passwordless authenticators that support FIDO2 fingerprint biometrics. Versasec released new workflows to help IT administrators and Operators easily adopt fingerprint technology.

“The Versasec team has been laser-focused on enabling full lifecycle management of hardware-bound FIDO2 passkeys for the Enterprise,” stated Joakim Thorén, CEO and founder of Versasec. Now, in version 6.11, we are seeing the true value this investment is delivering to our customers.”

Versasec announced the new version also brings faster vSEC:CMS application startup and enhanced communication performance. Additionally, the R&D team has optimized the vSEC:CMS applications for thin clients (VDI). Versasec continues to strive for performance and user-friendliness with every release. Finally, 6.11 introduces a new identity provider (IdP) integration for FIDO management: Ping Identity. New and existing customers can now download vSEC:CMS 6.11 at
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