Andrew Lai’s Newly Released "Power and Grace of Spiritual Leadership" is an Inspiring Guide for Visionary Leaders

“Power and Grace of Spiritual Leadership” from Christian Faith Publishing author Andrew Lai is a potent exploration of leadership qualities inspired by the majestic bald eagle. This insightful book provides valuable lessons for Christian leaders, emphasizing the importance of key values.

Andrew Lai’s Newly Released "Power and Grace of Spiritual Leadership" is an Inspiring Guide for Visionary Leaders
Richmond, CA, April 25, 2024 --( “Power and Grace of Spiritual Leadership”: a refreshing perspective on Christian leadership. “Power and Grace of Spiritual Leadership” is the creation of published author, Andrew Lai, a dedicated father and grandfather who is the pastor of Emeritus of the Yiu Mienh Baptist Church in Richmond, California. However, he is still often being invited to preach in many Asian churches including the Indonesian Evangelical churches in San Francisco and San Jose.

Lai shares, “As a longtime church leader and pastor, the author understands the importance of leadership. In addition of being a pastor, the author is also an award-winning artist. In painting wildlife, he loves to paint beautiful birds and flowers. Among all the birds he loves to paint, the bald eagle is at the top of his list. He found out that bald eagles always fly high and alone, unlike other birds (like the sparrows) in big noisy, chattering flocks.

“Looking further looking into the life of a bald eagle, the author has identified many qualities that can be applied to Christian leadership:

• being a visionary (seeing things before they happen)
• being patient in waiting upon the Lord
• spending time alone with God
• having courage to face the storm
• managing your own household well
• being able to train the younger generation
• seeking to renew your own strength

“You may be surprised so much can be learned from the bald eagle, the national emblem of United States of America. This book is a refreshing read among many other books about Christian leadership.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Andrew Lai’s new book combines the author’s experiences as a pastor and an artist, offering a unique perspective on Christian leadership inspired by the symbolism of the bald eagle.

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