EmploymentCrossing Launches Job-Search Site for Television Professionals That Seeks to Gather and List Every Television Job Opening

EmploymentCrossing, the world’s premier job-search site, has launched a new website listing jobs for television professionals: TVCrossing. The site seeks to inform users of every television job opening in the United States by gathering and listing jobs posted on employer websites and job boards. Although the competition is fierce, jobs in the television industry are many, ranging from opportunities for promotions managers and spot boys to positions for campaign organizers and news anchors.

Pasadena, CA, June 20, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The television industry attracts a large number of job seekers for various types of jobs. Most applicants for TV jobs are college graduates, and due to high competition, employers seek those who can perform their jobs immediately with minimal training. Also, candidates with sound technical backgrounds, such as camera operators and video editors, have the best job opportunities in this field. TVCrossing (www.tvcrossing.com), which was launched by EmploymentCrossing (www.employmentcrossing.com), aspires to list all kinds of television jobs as well as provide details on career advancement opportunities and employment information related to the industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate projected for technical television professionals for the 2006-2016 decade is about 12%, while it is a meager 2% for anchors and journalists. TV broadcasting jobs are expected to increase by 9%, according to the bureau’s predictions for the decade. Intense competition is expected for most television jobs.

Also, technology in the industry is rapidly changing, forcing most TV professionals to constantly update their skills, particularly in large metropolitan areas. Job prospects are good for college graduates with degrees in broadcasting, journalism, media, and other relevant fields.

''In this market it is extremely hard to get a job with a recruiter, and recruiters typically work with very few companies,'' says A. Harrison Barnes, founder and CEO of TVCrossing. ''Job openings that are not widely known or publicized are the easiest jobs to get, and our researchers scour numerous sources to find those kinds of jobs.''

TVCrossing was launched to help television professionals sort out the opportunities that they might not find out about otherwise. Unlike other job boards, the site focuses solely on television-related jobs, and it doesn’t charge employers to post jobs.

According to Barnes, the most popular searches on the site thus far have been:

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''There are an astonishing number of television job openings out there. We want to find them all,'' Barnes says.

TVCrossing charges $29.95 a month to view its job-opening research. As part of the site’s launch special, however, TVCrossing is offering a free, seven-day trial to allow job seekers to familiarize themselves with the service.

For more information about TVCrossing, please visit www.tvcrossing.com.

Mary Waldron