Karen A. Perkins’s Newly Released “In Church” is an Eye-Opening Exploration of Faith and Deception

“In Church” from Christian Faith Publishing author Karen A. Perkins offers readers a gripping narrative that delves into the intersection of faith and deception. Through the lens of a former dealer's experiences within the church community, Perkins exposes the dark realities of drug use, hypocrisy, and the quest for redemption.

Karen A. Perkins’s Newly Released “In Church” is an Eye-Opening Exploration of Faith and Deception
Youngstown, OH, May 15, 2024 --(PR.com)-- “In Church,” a provocative exploration of faith and deceit, is the creation of published author, Karen A. Perkins.

Perkins shares, “As a former dealer herself, she purposely distributed cocaine to those who were involved in the community and business every day and did not want to be known as a drug user. Her job was to deliberately put drugs into the hands of selected types of users and collect money from the hands of well-know people. As a drug user, she found it entertaining watching others; it was easy to observe the habits of users as she worked the circle and business of drugs.

“When clergy who were drug users crossed her path, they were noticed immediately. As they hollered sermons and passed out in the pulpit, sometimes they were high and had been drinking, and enjoyed the attention.

“Pastor Alfred’s death was a direct result of his dealing and use of the drug cocaine in several different styles and ways for decades. With church as the scenery behind the main business of drugs, church was perceived as the framework. He was apparent in producing his weekly paycheck and becoming his own best customer.

“They hired this particular secretary three times, fired her twice and then she quit, after winning a lawsuit for defamation of character. After becoming fully aware she was of no help to this church, she quit, nonetheless she continually gave praise the LORD.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Karen A. Perkins’s new book confronts readers with the harsh realities of addiction, hypocrisy, and the search for spiritual redemption.

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