Dorothy Jackson’s Newly Released “Take Heat to the Word of God” is a Powerful Call to Embrace Divine Guidance and Salvation

“Take Heat to the Word of God” from Christian Faith Publishing author Dorothy Jackson is a compelling invitation to embrace the transformative power of God's guidance and salvation. Through personal anecdotes and profound insights, Jackson urges readers, especially young people, to trust in God's unwavering presence and redemptive love amidst life's trials and temptations.

Dorothy Jackson’s Newly Released “Take Heat to the Word of God” is a Powerful Call to Embrace Divine Guidance and Salvation
Sturtevant, WI, May 15, 2024 --( “Take Heat to the Word of God”: a poignant reminder of the boundless power of God's love and guidance in our lives. “Take Heat to the Word of God” is the creation of published author, Dorothy Jackson, founder and prophetess of the Church of God Revival Center, Racine, Wisconsin.

Jackson shares, “There are many types of powers, but there is no power like God’s power. Whatever you do or have in mind to do, let the Holy Spirit lead you. He will lead you and show you the light.

“Young people do not have to succumb to the pressures of the times, like getting 'high,' because God will take you higher than any man has ever gone or will ever go. He will even make you love your enemies.

“So when your friends turn their backs on you, He (God) is always there. Sometimes, we have to suffer a bit for our faith, where it seems like everyone is against us. But if you will have faith in God, He will always come to your rescue. God sent His only Son to die for our sins so that we could be made whole.

“Not half has been told about what God has done for us. God is still the same although times change. He is still the same God. Yet man says, “God is dead.” I know He is alive in me as a witness.

“To all young people, there is only one power, and that is God’s power. Take hold of His salvation!

“As you have finished reading these few memoirs (because all my experiences with God are too vast to contain in this little book), I appeal to you this day, as in Matthew 8:25:

“And his disciples came to him and awakened Him, saying, 'Lord, save us, perish.'

“I am saying to you now, 'Ask Him to save you right now while you are in His presence.' Do not put it off any longer, for we know not what tomorrow may hold.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Dorothy Jackson’s new book is a testament to the enduring power of faith and the transformative impact of God's love. With its heartfelt message and profound insights, “Take Heat to the Word of God” is a must-read for anyone seeking solace, guidance, and salvation in their lives.

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