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AEX Small Business Loans Report About Avoiding Worst Case Commercial Finance Problems

A Special Small Business Loans Report has been issued by AEX Commercial Financing Group to address business financing circumstances which often result in a worst case scenario for commercial real estate loans and working capital funding.

Leesburg, OH, June 20, 2008 --( AEX Commercial Financing Group has issued a Special Commercial Loans Report focusing on avoiding worst case scenarios for small business loans. AEX has consistently advised their commercial borrower clients over the years that it is practical and prudent to have a thorough understanding of what can go wrong with commercial mortgages and working capital loans. This particular AEX Special Report discusses five key situations which often produce a worst case outcome. With the AEX Report, business owners should be better prepared for these real possibilities involving a worst case scenario for business financing. If not properly avoided, the combination of the five factors noted by AEX can have dire and long-lasting financial results for commercial real estate loans and commercial funding.

According to Stephen Bush, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for AEX Commercial Financing Group, "Prospective commercial borrowers should learn about the most common worst case situations prior to obtaining any new business financing. The worst case scenario for borrowers seeking commercial real estate loans and small business loans can be avoided. The focus of our Special Report is on five avoidable situations involving working capital financing and commercial loans."

Please contact Steve Bush at AEX Commercial Financing Group to address any questions and to obtain individualized business finance strategies. AEX is based in Ohio and provides specialized help for small business loans and business cash advances throughout the United States. More detailed information is available at AEX websites regarding their services.

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