Bathroom Remodeling Blog Launches

Portland, OR, June 20, 2008 --( Apple Pie Solutions today launched a new blog on home remodeling information and recommendations. Many economic forecasters are predicting the steady increase in the cost of living and continued decline in the affordability of the new home market.

Thousands of dollars can be saved by remodeling current homes rather than the process of selling current homes and purchasing a new home. It is very important that homeowners understand the importance of gaining “more bang for their buck” and this requires additional knowledge and guidance.

There are two rooms that are traditionally remodeled first, the kitchen and the bathroom. Both can be relatively inexpensive to complete, but a potential remodeling homeowner can face higher expenses if they are not properly prepared, having a firm plan in place before they start.

The newly launched Bathroom Remodeling Simplified blog provides important, easy to understand information that is essential to a homeowner’s success in remodeling their existing home, including planning, budgeting, material purchasing and an “ask the expert” option.

To learn more, please visit the website:

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Marshall A. Baldwin