Bob Spies’s Newly Released "It’s Just Me: How God Saved a Nobody" Chronicles a Journey of Faith and Discovery

“It’s Just Me: How God Saved a Nobody” from Christian Faith Publishing author Bob Spies offers a candid and introspective exploration of one man’s spiritual journey, filled with questions, doubts, and ultimately, profound insights.

Bob Spies’s Newly Released "It’s Just Me: How God Saved a Nobody" Chronicles a Journey of Faith and Discovery
Woodbury, MN, May 24, 2024 --( “It’s Just Me: How God Saved a Nobody”: an impactful story of spiritual evolution. “It’s Just Me: How God Saved a Nobody” is the creation of published author, Bob Spies, a retired actuary and devoted husband. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education, and he taught math at Brady High School in West St. Paul, Minnesota. A few years later, Bob left teaching and began his insurance career path with the St. Paul Companies. He eventually qualified as a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries in 1975 and continued in that profession until his retirement in 1998. After his retirement, Bob started volunteering his time by serving at church on weekends, which continues to this day.

Spies shares, “I’m not famous. I’m not a theologian. I’m not a Bible scholar. I’m not a pastor. I’m just a regular guy who tries his best to make sense out of the world he’s living in, including my spiritual world. To most people, I’m just a nobody. But I’m a nobody who questions what people tell me until I can come to peace with it. I don’t take anything at face value. That’s the way God wired me.

“The first time I read the Bible, cover to cover, I had questions, a lot of them, forty typewritten pages worth. For instance, why does God get so angry? Does God ever change his mind? Is there only one way to get to heaven? Is it possible to please God? Did even Judas get saved? What about reincarnation? Will heaven disappear? Do you talk to dead people? Can you trust the Bible? Is Jesus really the son of God? And I had questions about things you hear many Christians say, like 'God is in control,' but is he? I had hundreds of these questions, and I wanted answers.

“That’s what this book is about. It has been seventeen years in the making. I wanted answers, so I searched for them. I met with my pastor. I read books he recommended. I researched various theological views from trusted online resources. There were times I speculated my own answers because I couldn’t find anything else to hang my hat on. Sometimes there simply were no answers. But I found out that it’s not about getting the answers that’s most important anyway. It’s the search for the answers. Join me in that search. You might just find answers to some of your own questions.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Bob Spies’s new book is not merely a book of answers, but a testament to the transformative power of questioning and seeking understanding in matters of faith. Spies encourages readers to embark on their own journeys of exploration, reminding them that the search for truth is as meaningful as the answers themselves.

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