The Finer Goes Green

The Finer Designer Wastebasket Liner is now going Biodegradable. The Finer Liner currently sells a recyclable plastic designer wastebasket liner in 7 styles. Owner Annette Savio decided to go one step greener in hopes that Fine Hotels will decide to forego the plastic wastebasket liners and use Finer Designer Biodegradable Liners.

Los Angeles, CA, June 20, 2008 --( The Finer has now entered the Green zone. Owner Annette Savio states, "Hotels and Cruise line use huge amounts of resources that can be potentially recycled. My first liners produced are recyclable and highly reusable which will cut down on using thin plastic bags that are difficult to recycle and usually end up in the landfills. But our Biodegradable liners will break down in landfills within 9-60 months. A much better option these days. The liners are available to the Hotel and Cruise Industry and we hope they take advantage of the opportunity to make a huge impact on our Earth". The Finer Designer Biodegradable wastebasket liners are also available in packaging suitable for retail. They come in a gold Fern design. Annette Savio is from North Branford, Connecticut and can be contacted at 203-687-2064 for more information.

The Finer
Annette Savio