Dr. Surajit Khanna Seeking Nomination for Justice of U.S. Supreme Court

Washington, DC, May 22, 2024 --(PR.com)-- A group of young adult advocates officially announcing today “Dr. Surajit Khanna Seeking nomination for Justice of U.S. Supreme Court” at the press conference organized by Returning Youth Initiative. This press conference is hosted at Washington D.C and will be broadcasted on Zoom and YouTube.

Since the establishment of the Supreme Court, there have been a total of 116 Justices to sit on the bench. However, in the 235 years of the Supreme Court's existence, there has never been a Justice who was solely focused on improving the futures of post-incarcerated juveniles and young adults. Dr Khanna, however, wants to create an exclusive platform within the Supreme Court to provide proper justice to juveniles and young adults and to protect their civil rights as per the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. With stronger reinforcement of the Declaration of Independence, predominantly the 14th amendment, we can ensure protection of rights for our citizens.

Dr. Surajit Khanna came to the United States of America as an adolescent in pursuit of further substantial education in architecture. Instead, found himself stripped of his honor and made to feel inadequate. Dr. Khanna's hardships launched the ambition to strengthen his voice to help others overcome obstacles and understand their rights as an individual and citizen. By being a “voice for the voiceless,” he advocates for individuals to be seen and to create a safe atmosphere where America’s youth have an ally for support. These individuals are at the forefront of our nation; therefore, it is time we focus on correcting laws that directly affect our youth, specifically our troubled youth. We provide them with the justice needed to become civilized in their communities to obtain more empowerment within themselves. The confidence and perseverance of our youth will further lead to an impactful contribution to economic developments throughout the nation.

To reintegrate juveniles and young adults back into their communities successfully, Dr. Khanna has been pursuing various milestones that create developmental pathways unique to everyone. One of many milestones is his curation of the non-profit organization, Returning Youth Initiative. The mission of the Returning Youth Initiative is to reduce recidivism by empowering juveniles and young adults, and assisting them in establishing their unique talents, ambitions, and careers. Furthermore, Dr. Khanna supports the organization, Save the American West, led by Mr. Tony Hudson, to encourage more young adults to vote.

For a flourishing, well-rounded future, we must invest time, resources, knowledge, and more into our younger generations. Let us avoid losing more of our friends and family to crime, addiction, and even suicide. By coming together, we can make strong advancements, while strengthening the morals of humanity for our nation.
Returning Youth Initiative Inc
Dr. Surajit Khanna