Tennessee Web-Store Buy Comps4Less Makes Suggestions for Alternative Vacations

The Tennessee company, Buy Comps4Less, is suggesting some vacations that will save money as well as help the environment. The author is Joe Benson. Mr. Benson is a retired Aerospace Engineer who was born a few years before World War 2 when gasoline was rationed and took some very creative vacation trips with his family.

South Pittsburg, TN, June 23, 2008 --(PR.com)-- In light of the impact of higher gas prices on the family vacation budget the owner, Mr. Joe Benson, of Buy Comps4Less has made some suggestions for alternative vacations based on his personal experience.

Families living in medium to large cities have great opportunities to explore parks and other places of interest near where they live.

Add a local museum or park on the list of must see places. Vacationers can carry a lunch in the same containers that are used for work or school and make a day trip out of this adventure. Catch the nearest bus or other public transit vehicle to go to their vacation destination instead of getting out the car and driving. This will save money and gas plus reduce pollution at the same time.

Of course, everyone wants something to remember this outing by. Take a digital camera along, take photos, and download them into a digital album, email them to friends and relatives, or have one of the new commercial web photo developing companies process the prints and send them to friends and relatives. However, always be sure to ask if taking pictures is allowed and abide by the existing rules.

In addition, if there is a park near by with picnic tables and other like items, this would make a nice place to have picnic lunch.

Last but not least, some cities and towns have semi wilderness areas with hiking trails where visitors can experience nature. These offer a great chance for the entire family to learn about, experience, and witness these wonderful things going on around them.

For additional information and to find items to help make your alternative vacation even more enjoyable come visit on the web at http://www.buycomps4less.com. (If this URL does not take you there, cut and paste it into the address field of your browser.)

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