Remote Backup Systems, Inc.
Remote Backup Systems, Inc.

Remote Backup Software Company Announces Release of RBackup 2006, Featuring Innovative New BitBackup Technology

Online Backup software company raises the industry bar with newest release.

Memphis, TN, April 12, 2006 --( Remote Backup Systems, Inc. (RBS), developer and distributor of RBackup™ online backup software on the web at, today officially announced the release of RBackup 2006, the newest version of its industry-leading online backup software. Employing a revolutionary new BitBackupTM data transfer engine, RBackup 2006 brings a new level of service, speed, and dependability to the remote backup industry.

RBackup online backup software is in use by over 7000 companies worldwide, including the majority of commercial online backup providers, and is the most widely-used commercial-grade remote backup software. The RBackup 2006 release seeks to further the product’s market dominance by enabling licensees to provide unmatched levels of functionality and service to their clients.

“In this age of loss-leader backup software and service companies RBS is very proud to make some truly fresh innovations in the levels of service enabled by our products and licensees.” commented Tommy Gardner, RBS’ Director of Sales and Marketing. “Companies who license RBackup Remote Backup software offer the most capable and most secure online backup solution in the world.”

BitBackupTM technology fits the market’s growing needs by optionally backing up granular changes within client data instead of entire new versions of the files during each backup session. The technology is seamlessly integrated into the core RBackup 2006 client software, and allows remote backup service providers to choose bit-level or file-level backups on both a per-client and per-backup-set basis.

Storing the backed up data in both a local data store on the client LAN and on the remote RBackup server, RBackup 2006 offers the industry-leading functionality of providing clients with both a locally and remotely restorable backup of their critical data. BitBackup also reduces the length of backup sessions, makes more efficient use of bandwidth, includes Active Directory and System State backup capabilities, and provides full branding customization by licensing companies.

For a complete listing of enhancements and features and to download the latest evaluation version, visit

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Remote Backup Systems, Inc. is the global leader in the distribution of Client and Server software to rapidly deploy a high reliability, high security Internet-based online backup service, and a robust range of support services including national customer referrals. CEO Rob Cosgrove founded RBS in 1987. In 1989 RBS designed the world's first online backup software for microcomputers, which has been available to the public since 1991. With thousands of remote backup servers active in 64 countries, RBS founded the online data backup industry and leads the market with experience, innovation, and support.

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