Docical Has Launched Its New Powerful No-Code Database Solution That Promises to Make Businesses More Efficient

Docical is a no-code simple-use graphical database that easily manages, collects and utilizes all of that information in the most efficient and easy-to-use way.

Toronto, Canada, May 30, 2024 --( Empower businesses through centralized data management, efficient retrieval and analysis, enhanced customer relationship management, scalability and adaptability as well as data security and compliance.

With 75% of small business owners claiming that being disorganized makes them lose business, you can’t afford to lose money by not having your business data in one, easy-to-maintain database. Furthermore, research by Dun & Bradstreet found that 19% of companies lost a customer because of inaccurate information about them.

Docical is a powerful NoSQL cloud database that offers a modern yet simple method to store your information. With database technology you can search, modify and remove all your business data easily.

Whether the data to be stored and used is for inventory, patient lists, customer lists, real estate, restaurants, medical, financial, retail and keeping tabs on any collection, Docical can serve your purpose extraordinarily. The ways you can use Docical are multiple and you have the ability to store an unlimited amount of data.

93% of businesses utilize a database solution.

Nearly 88% of businesses own a spreadsheet software where they can store all their business data.

70% of businesses will be using no-code or low-code software by 2025.

Docical was launched in 2024 and is garnering attention for its no-code and simple-use approach to database management. The company’s founder has a software development and IT background. The company currently consists of 3 devs and 1 marketing person.

All of these metrics and statistics were obtained from the book "Big Data in Small Business."
Azmat Zuberi
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