SendOwl Announces Strategic Integration with Square to Streamline Digital Product Delivery

SendOwl announces its integration with commerce platform Square, enhancing retailers' and customers' end-to-end digital product experience. The collaboration increases revenue opportunities and streamlines transactions. SendOwl is the first of its kind to appear in the Square App Marketplace, and the integration enables businesses to simplify digital product sales and delivery. SendOwl's partnership with Square ensures efficient, secure, and productive operations.

San Francisco, CA, June 04, 2024 --( SendOwl, the leading provider of digital product delivery and access solutions, proudly announces its new integration with Square, a leading commerce and technology platform. By teaming up, SendOwl and Square offer retailers and customers a new end to end digital product experience, opening additional revenue opportunities along with more seamless and secure transactions.

SendOwl is the first digital product delivery and access app included in the Square App Marketplace, where businesses can discover and download useful tools to grow their sales and streamline operations. When integrated with Square, SendOwl streamlines digital product delivery, making it easier for businesses to sell digital products like PDFs, videos, audio, streaming media, and ebooks — while automatically delivering products to customers.

In the coming months, SendOwl will soon support Square Subscriptions, enabling businesses to easily engage and bring back customers, while leveraging technology to automate recurring payments for subscriptions. SendOwl's industry-leading software solution, combined with Square's seamless payment processing, ensures that businesses can focus on delivering high-quality digital content while benefiting from increased efficiency, security, and productivity.

Key advantages of the SendOwl and Square integration include:
Streamlined e-commerce: SendOwl empowers businesses to effortlessly sell digital products, manage customer accounts, and process payments through Square — providing a smooth e-commerce solution.
Enhanced security: SendOwl's platform employs the latest security measures, accompanied by Square's secure payment processing capabilities, ensuring that businesses can conduct transactions confidently.
Instant product delivery: Businesses can automate the delivery of digital products upon successful payment confirmation, offering customers instant access after purchase.
Comprehensive analytics and reporting: In-depth sales analytics and customized reports provided by SendOwl give businesses critical insights into their digital product sales, allowing merchants to optimize their strategies and maximize success.

Matt Plotke, SendOwl’s CEO, said, “SendOwl's strategic partnership with Square and inclusion in their App Marketplace demonstrates both companies’ commitment to empowering businesses of any size to thrive in the digital age through innovative technology.”

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About SendOwl
SendOwl is the premier digital product delivery platform empowering businesses to easily sell digital products, securely process payments, and automatically and immediately deliver their digital products worldwide. With SendOwl, sellers have the flexibility to showcase and sell their products on various platforms, including Notion, Linktree, Shopify, their own website/blog, and social media. SendOwl empowers sellers to sell where their customers are. By automating digital product sales and delivery, SendOwl offers an efficient and user-centric solution for businesses of all sizes to thrive in a rapidly growing digital market.

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