WB+TDP Executives Andrew Kessler and Ryan Scully to Present “AI Production: Real Solutions” at Cannes Lions

New York, NY, June 03, 2024 --(PR.com)-- WB+TDP, the top independent creative production agency, today announced the company will host an AI production discussion at Cannes Lions on Wednesday, June 19.

As the pioneers of the AI Synthomatic, WB+TDP, will be hosting “AI Production: Real Solutions” with Andrew Kessler, President and CEO, and Ryan Scully, VP Creative, providing an overview of the practical application of AI in the production process.

The discussion, for creatives and production executives, will include information on creating AI compositions, animations, and VO using current and widely available AI technology. Attendees will learn the possibilities, and limitations, of AI usage within the production process.

In 2023, WB+TDP introduced the groundbreaking AI Synthomatic. Unlike traditional AI processes, the Synthomatic combines AI technologies with a human touch and the skilled eye of the company’s artists. Over the last year, WB+TDP’s AI Synthomatics have been used within all 6 of the major agencies holding companies, who are now incorporating AI Synthomatics, which offer faster production, superior quality, and reduced costs, into their client work.

"The AI Synthomatic represents a transformative leap in production capabilities, blending AI with our artistic expertise to deliver unparalleled quality and efficiency. As we continue to work on the leading-edge of AI technology, we are looking forward to sharing our findings with the creative production community at Cannes Lions,” said Andrew Kessler, WB+TDP President and CEO.

A sampling of WB+TDP’s AI Synthomatic art can be found at wbtdp.com/ai-synthomatics

For more information or to attend the “AI Production: Real Solutions” discussion, please contact info@wbtdp.com.

About WB+TDP
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