Get Your Audience Clicking: Tagbox Unveils New Feature Reactions for Social Walls

Tagbox ups the engagement game with Reactions feature for social walls. Brands can now leverage likes, claps & emojis to boost audience interaction & gain valuable content insights. This innovative feature keeps viewers engaged within the social wall & lets you run exciting contests. Tagbox empowers brands to connect deeper with their audience.

Covina, CA, June 06, 2024 --( Tagbox, the prime social media aggregator tool for events announced the launch of its new reactions feature, designed to enhance user interaction and engagement. This ground-breaking addition allows users to like content displayed on social walls, making events more interactive and enjoyable for the attendees.

The introduction of the “Reaction” adds to Tagbox’s aim to create dynamic and engaging social walls to make the most out of the User-Generated Content (UGC). Brands often used social walls to display content posted by the attendees about their event, but the people could only see it, making it a bit mundane.

But with “Reactions“ Users can now express their appreciation for content directly by clicking the like button seen below posts on the social walls. This can foster a sense of community among event attendees, encouraging active participation.

The introduction to this feature makes Tagbox Display a simple yet powerful tool, enhancing the user experience by allowing real-time reaction to content on the wall. The users will be provided with a widget by the event organizers which they can access from their phone or laptop. This widget would allow them to see the content displayed on the wall that they can like.

In addition to the “Reactions”, Tagbox recently released several AI-powered features proving the brand’s commitment towards enhancing user experience. Leveraging such cutting-edge technologies and creative features makes Tabox an ideal social wall tool for events.

About Tagbox
Tagbox is a market leader when it comes to social media aggregation and display, offering innovative solutions to enhance audience engagement and interaction. It allows brands to display User- User-generated content in real-time from 10+ social media platforms, creating a dynamic experience for attendees.
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