Trance Project Dream Quest Releases 'Season Three: Herb Garden'

Dark World International is proud to announce the release of 'Season Three: Herb Garden' from Dream Quest.

Bantry, Ireland, June 21, 2008 --( The sophisticated ambient trance sound of Dream Quest has returned in full force with the digital release of 'Season Three: Herb Garden' on iTunes. Influenced by Dark World International's renowned World of Herbs, Dream Quest has recorded fourteen brand new tracks that mix deep club grooves, world rhythms, and gently intertwining melodies.

'Season Three: Herb Garden' is the solo work of Dark World International recording artist Navigator X. Having finally arranged a move to the EU, Navigator X was asked by Dark World International President Kris Ameringer to record a new release for Dream Quest. "I felt pressured. I'm not Johnny M. So I thought about what happened in Season One. I liked the concepts of Stygian Tars; writing songs that were soundtracks to life," according to Navigator X. Working with Dark World International producer J.A.B. has greatly influenced Dream Quest's sound. "J.A.B. and I both like a Canadian project called Intermix and Bill Leeb's other bands and projects, which get very industrial in sound. J.A.B. has these ideas of 'NON', and talks about 'non-songs' with 'non-melodies'. I'm very influenced by these ideas. I chose to not step on the other dance artists and keep the tempos down for 'Herb Garden'. The President wanted the release to be pleasant to listen to, not too chaotic. I hope I achieved that. Though 'Rosemary' comes off quite goth to me."

Two full length tracks from 'Season Three: Herb Garden' are streamed for listening at Cyqo Music. The delightfully upbeat 'Daisy' and the deeper and darker 'Valerian' both demonstrate the effectiveness of Dream Quest's musical style. Rich in sub tones and recorded with the clarity and strength of Dark World International's masterful production, 'Daisy' and 'Valerian' are set to be instant fan favourites and high company sales are expected.

Dream Quest has returned to Dark World International with the digital release of 'Season Three: Herb Garden' on iTunes. Join the rest of the world in discovering Dream Quest's trance techno sound. Visit www. for more information.

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