Author Dr. David Ajeigbe’s New Book, "What is Holding You Back?!!!!" is a Powerful Tool to Help Readers Overcome the Internal Hurdles to Achieving Their True Potential

Recent release “What is Holding You Back?!!!!” from Page Publishing author Dr. David Ajeigbe is a poignant and eye-opening look at the potential obstacles people often face in modern society that is keeping them from living their lives as God intended, providing advice and techniques to overcome such issues to further one’s relationship with the Lord and live as he truly commands them to.

Author Dr. David Ajeigbe’s New Book, "What is Holding You Back?!!!!" is a Powerful Tool to Help Readers Overcome the Internal Hurdles to Achieving Their True Potential
Riverside, CA, June 10, 2024 --( Dr. David Ajeigbe, a husband and a father of three sons who holds a doctor of philosophy degree in health-care services and has worked in the health-care system for over forty years, has completed his new book, “What is Holding You Back?!!!!”: a fascinating read exploring the many potential issues that could be holding oneself back from realizing their full potential and living their lives in accordance with God’s will for them.

For his love of caring for people, Dr. David Ajeigbe started his career in the health-care services in 1974 by working as a nursing assistant in Convalescent Homes for over eight years, assisting older adults with their activities of daily living. He proceeded to get his registered nursing license in California in 1982 and worked as a staff registered nurse and as a relief charge nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit for about sixteen years. He worked as a nurse manager in the emergency department for four years and as a nurse manager in the urgent care department for about eight years. He also worked as a nurse manager for two health-care service organizations. He retired from the active nursing profession in 2016. Upon retirement, the author obtained a real estate license and works as a realtor at present in California.

“Whenever humans are going through difficult times, they should realize that God is always ready to rescue them from their predicaments,” writes Dr. Ajeigbe. “However, humans have short memories; they soon forget how bad things were for them before God’s rescue. Therefore, instead of moving closer to God, they perceive a smaller problem as being bigger than the ones from which God had saved them.

“God is always faithful, and He never changes at all. He expects all to put their trust in Him since He is able and eager to solve human problems according to His will. The Lord is great, and so is His faithfulness. God demonstrated His great love to all humans that he allowed His son to be sacrificed to save them all. Christ gave so much importance to human life that He gave His own life to save theirs. Therefore, there should be nothing to hold humans back from doing His will or from achieving the best that God has in store for all.”

Published by Page Publishing, Dr. David Ajeigbe’s engaging writings are sure to capture the hearts and minds of readers, helping them to discover the true nature of what is setting them back from discovering their true potential, and living up to God’s standards for them. Emotionally stirring and enlightening, Dr. Ajeigbe shares his writings in the hope of inspiring his readers to take back control from their internal struggles so that they may know the true glory and salvation available to them through the Lord’s true will.

Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase “What is Holding You Back?!!!!” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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