Navigating National Sex Day When You Have No Sex Drive

Stockholm, Sweden, June 07, 2024 --( National Sex Day, celebrated on June 9, emphasizes the importance of sexual intimacy in relationships. However, for individuals and couples struggling with low libido, mismatched sex drives, and sexual anxiety, this day can bring undue pressure and stress. Renowned sex therapist Leigh Norén, MSc, offers valuable insights and practical advice to navigate National Sex Day without the pressure, enhancing emotional connection and intimacy instead.

Understanding Low Libido and Sexual Anxiety

Low libido affects approximately 43% of women and 31% of men in the United States​​ (National Institute of Health)​. Sexual anxiety further complicates intimate relationships, leading to feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and emotional distance. Leigh Norén, with her extensive experience in sex therapy, provides a compassionate approach to addressing these issues.

"National Sex Day can easily turn into a day of anxiety and pressure for those with low sex drive," says Leigh Norén. ”But it can actually be used as an opportunity to understand and address the underlying causes of low libido and strengthen your relationship as a whole with your partner, if you want it to."

Survival Guide for National Sex Day

Rather than experiencing nervousness about needing to be sexually intimate with your partner, National Sex Day can be an opportunity to explore your relationship and its challenges with sex. Leigh Norén suggests several strategies for couples to celebrate National Sex Day without the pressure of sexual performance:

Practice Open Communication: Discussing feelings and expectations openly with your partner can alleviate stress and foster a deeper emotional connection. You can find information about how to talk about sex with your partner on Leigh’s website.

Focus on Different Forms of Intimacy: Physical closeness doesn't always have to lead to sex. Sharing a long hug, enjoying a quiet dinner, or spending quality time together can enhance intimacy and also lead to increased libido over time.

Address Possible Causes of Low Libido: Understanding the root causes of low libido is crucial. Leigh Norén offers a free online resource, The Desire Test, to help individuals identify potential issues affecting their sex drive.

For those struggling with persistent low libido or sexual anxiety, seeking help from a sex therapist can be transformative. Leigh Norén's Re: Desire Sex Drive Course is an on-demand program that provides structured guidance to rejuvenate sexual desire that does not hinge on traditional advice sex advice, such as scheduling sex or other pressuring strategies.

Additional Resources

To support couples and individuals in their journey toward a healthier sexual relationship, Leigh Norén offers a variety of intimacy tools and relationship resources on her website.

About Leigh Norén

Leigh Norén is a sex therapist and relationship coach with a Master of Science in Sexology. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, she specializes in helping individuals and couples all over the world overcome issues related to low libido, mismatched libidos, sexual anxiety, and relationship challenges. Leigh's compassionate and evidence-based approach has been featured in leading publications such as Women's Health, Thrive Global, and USA Today.
Leigh Norén, MSc