Author Chemeca Gant’s New Book, "Loving Truth," is a Chilling and Engrossing Novel About a Family Caught in a Downward Spiral of Abuse

Recent release “Loving Truth” from Page Publishing author Chemeca Gant introduces Tammy, who is married to Mike, an abusive husband, who cheats, beats, and abuses her mentally, emotionally, and physically. They have kids who are being mistreated and abused as well by both of them.

Author Chemeca Gant’s New Book, "Loving Truth," is a Chilling and Engrossing Novel About a Family Caught in a Downward Spiral of Abuse
Antioch, CA, June 11, 2024 --( Chemeca Gant, who is from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and currently lives in Sacramento, California, has completed her new book, “Loving Truth”: a novel that follows Tammy’s journey of self-discovery that allows her to realize the truth about how life should be.

Author Chemeca Gant writes, “She thought of how the cervical cancer ate her mother up with no mercy, leaving Tammy in a hot mess and leaving Tapri in a bigger mess. Tammy took in a deep breath. In the kitchen were light-green curtains. Thoughts of that sweet, juicy watermelon her mom used to buy from her favorite supermarket during the summer filled her watering mouth. Those were the good ole days. Tammy drifted off in deep thought once again. Tammy loved to reminisce on the good old times. ‘Even though most of those days were full of strife and neglect, at least Mom was still alive.’ She thought of the great times she had with her mom to motivate herself to decorate the place of hell razor pain. The bathroom curtains were a very pretty golden yellow with matching panels. When the rays of the angry sun beamed on the beautifully woven curtains, the whole bathroom lit up like a bright sun in the sky. Tammy’s room was a special place of beauty and security; this was the area where Tammy could just lay back to unwind from a hard day of her crappy job. And besides, this was now her place of home after all. Tammy was broke as a joke, and she had too many damn kids to move somewhere else.”

Published by Page Publishing, Chemeca Gant’s eye-opening tale follows Tammy as she learns that the only way out is to turn her whole life around.

Readers who wish to experience this unforgettable work can purchase “Loving Truth” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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