Vernon Atkins’s Newly Released "The Hidden Keys in the Bible 2" Unveils Profound Insights for Spiritual Seekers

“The Hidden Keys in the Bible 2” from Christian Faith Publishing author Vernon Atkins is a thought-provoking and insightful guide that addresses the challenges many face in understanding and connecting with God.

Vernon Atkins’s Newly Released "The Hidden Keys in the Bible 2" Unveils Profound Insights for Spiritual Seekers
Shreveport, LA, June 14, 2024 --( “The Hidden Keys in the Bible 2,” a helpful resource for earnest students of the bible, is the creation of published author, Vernon Atkins.

Atkins shares, “Why is it so hard to find God, Or should I say, Why is it so hard for God to find you? There are. Those who say, "I Read the Bible often, But Can't Understand it, So I Quickly Lose Interest in it, Then I find myself Seeking a Church, and a Man of God to help me get closer to God, This after a while did not do it for me, So I left the Church, feelings even more depressed than before; Is it really that hard to make a Connection with our God? I been told by others that he said, "that he love all, and wishing that none should perish; Well why is it so hard to find him if he love us? Is our God speaking out of both sides of his mouth? I mean he did say it is impossible for him to lie, He also said what comes out of my mouth can't return void; it that is the case then, you need took at your self, and at your attempts to see what you are doing wrong; less Review, You first Started Reading the Bible, How much time did you spend reading the Bible, once a week, every other month, are just doing hollow days, did I give up my friends who were still involved in daily activities that goes against the Laws, and Commandments of God, Did you give up going to places that God would disapproval, like bars, nightclubs, where you find half naked woman's, sliding down a pole, How about going out gambling, looking at trying to get rich, and then becoming hooked, spending money you don't have, money that could have been spent on other things, your kids, bills; Now can you see why it was so hard to understand the Bible? Could it be that you are not given your all?

“Less now put you on the right track, God says seek him first, and all things will be added, all you need to do is to knock, Asked, and Seek, in the door will be opened; Next you say that you went as far as attending a church, and a minister to bring you closer to God, Let me say this all ministers are not call by God, In other words it is just as bad to hear the words of God from one who is not call to lead you even further from the truth, It's like the blind leading the blind and they both fall into a ditch; One sure way to know that you have made a Connections with God, Is when you seek him daily, Reading his words for yourself, and keeping all of his Laws, and Commandments, by you doing this you show Him that you are truly sincere about knowing him, This is when God releases His Spirit of understanding to your mind, but in small portions, and the more you read his words, the more knowledge is revealed.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Vernon Atkins’s new book encourages readers to reflect on their spiritual journey and challenges them to explore the depths of their faith in a more authentic and committed manner.

Consumers can purchase “The Hidden Keys in the Bible 2” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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