Amber Killmer’s Newly Released "Freeing Me from Myself" is an Empowering Journey of Reflection and Spiritual Growth

“Freeing Me from Myself” from Christian Faith Publishing author Amber Killmer is a transformative narrative that explores the power of belief and the journey from addiction to recovery. Through personal experiences and insights, Killmer empowers readers to overcome challenges and embrace their inner strength.

Amber Killmer’s Newly Released "Freeing Me from Myself" is an Empowering Journey of Reflection and Spiritual Growth
White River Junction, VT, June 14, 2024 --( “Freeing Me from Myself”: a compelling exploration of self-discovery and empowerment. “Freeing Me from Myself” is the creation of published author, Amber Killmer, a mother of three children, an addiction recovery coach, a motivational speaker, and a firm believer in the power of God.

Killmer shares, “There is a bold line between what lives on each side of belief in ourselves and lack thereof. Between cowering and having courage, between facing our fears and living in them, our hearts and our minds hold power in our lives, and too many of us are blind to it. One decision can shift timelines, and all of us can do it. Whether we’re suffering from addiction, ADHD, depression, or anxiety, we can free ourselves.

“An open-minded girl, living a childhood filled with curiosity and knowing there’s more, transitioned to an adult on her knees, hitting a cold jail cell floor. Coming face-to-face with her own worst enemy, she wondered, How could this have happened to me? From near-death experiences and losing everything to addiction, to choosing recovery and redirection—living a life beyond anything imagined, tuning into the power of prayer and intention, God, and our own intuition, we can accomplish anything we can envision, and then some.

“We must believe to achieve, and a choice needs to be made. A heart filled with faith and dedication will raise you from the ashes to your divine destination. When we shift our inner world, it reflects outward. It takes one step, one choice, one decision to activate the journey of a lifetime, anytime. The power is already within you.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Amber Killmer’s new book offers hope and inspiration to individuals facing adversity, encouraging them to reclaim their lives and embrace their divine potential.

Consumers can purchase “Freeing Me from Myself” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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