Author Ethel Ann Shaffer’s New Book, "The Last of the Red Hot Lovers," is a Steamy Memoir About the Truth of Falling in Love at Eighty

Recent release “The Last of the Red Hot Lovers” from Page Publishing author Ethel Ann Shaffer follows the passionate love affair between former high school sweethearts who reunite at eighty.

Author Ethel Ann Shaffer’s New Book, "The Last of the Red Hot Lovers," is a Steamy Memoir About the Truth of Falling in Love at Eighty
Valencia, CA, June 19, 2024 --( Ethel Ann Shaffer (nee Ethel Ann Rabe), a local author, has completed her new book, “The Last of the Red Hot Lovers”: a memoir about the once-in-a-lifetime romance between Eva, a retired paralegal, and Kurt, a retired Air Force Major.

After graduating from high school together, Eva and Kurt go their separate ways, marry, and have families. Sixty-two years later, Eva and Kurt find one another, fall in love, and get married. Although most of their peers have tucked away their sexual adventures as memories, these two can’t keep their hands off each other.

Author Ethel Ann Shaffer was born and raised in the Ohio Valley along the banks of the Ohio River. She relocated to Southern California with her two daughters after her marriage dissolved. After moving to Southern California, Ethel Ann wrote as Ethel Ann Pemberton or as Ethel Ann Shaffer.

Ethel Ann and her husband Theodore, who is the other half of the duo depicted in this memoir as Eva and Kurt Miller, have been married for thirteen years and reside in Valencia, CA, with their Siamese cat, Coco.

Ethel Ann writes, “Kurt and I have known one another as children. He spent every summer with his aunt and uncle who live three doors from me. Walking to church every Sunday, I’d see the curtains flutter, and I’d giggle thinking that Kurt might be interested in me. He was the first boy to kiss me, at a friend’s tenth birthday party, when we played spin-the-bottle and it landed in front of me. I remember kissing him back.”

Published by Page Publishing, Ethel Ann Shaffer’s electrifying tale captures the intimate and raw feelings each partner experiences as their romance develops. It also addresses sex and aging. Although Eva and Kurt’s love is strong, they face a shattering dilemma—Kurt’s adult children won’t accept Eva.

Readers who wish to experience this memorable work can purchase “The Last of the Red Hot Lovers” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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