New Single by Memoryhole is a Tribute to 40th Anniversary of Beatles "White Album"

Memoryhole is a psychedelic low-fi experimental rock band based in New York City.

New York, NY, June 21, 2008 --( Memoryhole's first single release is also a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Beatles "White Album" with the recording of the song Dear Prudence. Buster Ballyhoo, singer and composer for the band, has described this treatment of the timeless Beatles classic as a "Pink Floyd song written by Lennon/Macartney then filtered through the jaundiced sonic filter of Memoryhole". What results is pink cotton candy for the ears. "I've been a Beatles fan since 5th grade," says Buster, " and Dear Prudence is one of my top three favorite of their songs."

Buster Ballyhoo formed the hot rod band Drag King in 1996 in Seattle. They released singles on Tombstone Records and the CD "Four Track Mind." In 2000 Buster moved back to his hometown of New York City and put out three solo records including Hypnogod and Led Speciman. Memoryhole is his latest project and is being released on OrangeBeef Records based in New York.

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Andrew Arnett