Loveforce International Kicks Off A Loveforce Summer with “Summer’s A Comin’” and “An IQ Test For Politicians.”

On Friday, June 21, Loveforce International will kickoff A Loveforce Summer with the release of two new Summer Oriented Digital Music Singles.

Santa Clarita, CA, June 19, 2024 --( On Friday, June 21, Loveforce International will begin it’s annual Loveforce Summer. It will do this by releasing two new Digital Music Singles entitled “Summer’s A Comin’” and “We Need An IQ Test For Politicians.” Loveforce Summer consists of Summer oriented Digital Music Single releases. The 2024 edition lasts from Friday, June 21 through Friday, August 30.

The latest Digital Music Single release by Bobby Long is entitled “Summer's A Comin'.” It is an Indie, Soft-Rock instrumental with classical overtones. Its gentle, rhythmic instrumentation attempts to capture the subtle joys of Summer. It tries to emote thoughts of children out of school, walking in the park eating an ice cream cone, bike riding, rollerblading, skateboarding, and hanging out at the beach or local mall, a time when romance blooms and anything is possible.

The latest Digital Music Single by Honey Davis is entitled “We Need An IQ Test For Politicians.” It is a Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Alternative, Reggae-Pop song. It has traditional Reggae instrumentation and lyrics that are as timely as lyrics can be. The concept behind the song’s title reflects the widespread emotions caused by major elections coming up in the USA as well as many other nations. Davis tries capturing the global dismay with the sleazy, stupidity of politicians.

“We are kicking off our Loveforce Summer of 2024 with two strong Summer oriented songs,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. “While Bobby Long’s instrumental captures the subtle ambiance of Summer, the Honey Davis song is novel and somewhat humorous. Summer is the perfect time for novel and humorous songs but this particular song also leans into the Fall political season,” he continued.

Both Musical Digital Singles will be released to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, YouTube Music, Deezer, KKBox, Pandora, Media Net, Amazon Music, Soundtrack by Twitch, Tidal, NetEase, Facebook, Instagram Stories, Touch Tones, BoomPlay, Snapchat, Pretzel, AudioMack, Yandex, Joax, Kuack, Adaptr, Qobuz, Flo, TikTok, and Resso.

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