MARU Debuts New Artistic Journey with Launch of Portfolio Website

Mexico City, Mexico, June 23, 2024 --( The art world is about to witness the emergence of a unique and compelling voice. Mariia Offidani Iurkova, widely known as MARU, is thrilled to announce her debut as a professional artist along with the launch of her new portfolio website.

MARU, originally from Russia, has a rich background, having lived in Italy before settling in Mexico. Her diverse experiences are vividly reflected in her art, which draws inspiration from renowned artists like Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, and Egon Schiele. Her work presents a captivating blend of styles and themes, offering a fresh perspective on the modern artistic approach.

"My style, even if it might appear somewhat dull and overused, is, in reality, a new take on the modern artistic approach that we see around, showing a different perspective of the world I am surrounded by and tries to show and educate the public on a range of emotions that seems to have been lost in the wake of the evolution and progress of our modern society," said MARU.

In her commitment to making her art accessible to a global audience, MARU is launching a new portfolio website. This platform will allow art enthusiasts from around the world to view her pieces in full quality, engage with her work, and provide feedback.

The portfolio website is designed to be a comprehensive digital gallery, showcasing MARU's latest creations and providing insights into her artistic journey. Visitors can expect to see a range of topics and styles, all characterized by MARU's distinctive blend of influences and her personal touch.

For more information, please visit MARU's new Portfolio website at

About MARU
Mariia Offidani Iurkova, a.k.a. MARU, is a passionate and innovative artist whose work reflects her diverse cultural experiences. With roots in Russia, experiences in Italy, and a current residence in Mexico, MARU brings a unique perspective to her art, inspired by the likes of Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, and Egon Schiele. Her Portfolio website aims to connect her art with a global audience, showcasing her latest creations and fostering a deeper appreciation of contemporary art.

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