Author C Wolf Forrest Announces New Crime Novel Phantom Justice

Can vigilantism to achieve justice ever be warranted on a national basis? It has been said that there is a basic minimum of citizens' rights that States must protect if their subjects are to owe the State obedience to law. What if, however, our 'Nation of Laws' miserably fails to administer justice in the name of law, making a mockery of our judicial systems and making the victims of crime simple collateral damage? Might this foster an organized effort by citizens to balance the scales?

Suffolk, VA, June 23, 2008 --( In cities nationwide, some of the worst criminals are violently executed, shot, stabbed, strangled and poisoned but law-enforcement agencies have not connected these crimes. The typical response is a sigh of relief when these sociopaths, psychopaths, pedophiles and cop-killers are sent to the gates of hell where everyone agrees they belong.

With this scenario, the author asks the reader to consider if the laws of our land are being compromised in favor of the criminal element in our midst. The novel is now available from the Publisher PublishAmerica and, according to Campusi and Alibris, International book locating services, from certain worldwide sources in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France and soon to appear in Canada.

After a career in international finance for multi-national corporations, C Wolf Forrest has turned to writing and has published several articles. An additional background in law enforcement for nine years combines with his love for the power of unconventional ideas to present this novel. He resides in Suffolk, Virginia.

Author C Wolf Forrest
Charles Wolf Forrest