MP3 Musicgrams Featured MP3 of the Week: “Beautiful Girl “by Taylor Van Zant, a free MP3 music promotion site for Indie artists and labels, adds to the growing data base of indie artists and labels and currently has a database of over 2000 songs and 2000 artists for online users to choose from and send to friends and music fans.

Kelowna, Canada, June 22, 2008 --( MP3 Musicgrams offer artists and bands in all musical genres from blues to rock, rap or country an opportunity to upload their song, photo or image, band or artist description and a link to their web site.

The site also selects a “Featured MP3” each week and archives all previous featured MP3 artists of the week for music fans to browse and select from. The current featured MP3, “Beautiful Girl”, is by 19-year old site founder Taylor Van Zant.

Taylor tells site users, “I relate to all the Indie Artists out there, because I am one too- and this is just one way I try to get people in the industry to hear me. I am going to school in Kelowna and trying to write and promote my music when I have time – any way I can get it out there just like all the aspiring artists with a dream.”

MP3Musicgrams were created to preview to the artist’s work, without having a big file to start and you can send them out as a promotional tool for initial review or just to friends and family.

MP3 Musicgrams encourage fans to buy or download the music in a manner that benefits the artist or label directly. Fans can also buy CD’s on the website.

Fans can select an MP3 Musicgram by artist, song, genre or label and download the music, an image of choice or the artist’s image, add in a personal message and send out to other music fans. Fans now also have the added option of uploading their own photo/image into the MP3musicgram, making it more personal.

About is a new unique free online music promotion service designed to let artists and record labels promote their music in an immediate preview format featuring their MP3, image, and band description that can be sent in a viral format, similar to a greeting card. Music fans can preview and send music without effectively downloading the MP3 and have the ability to forward the Musicgram to other friends and fans once received and opened up.

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Taylor Van Zant or D. Van Zant
Kelowna, Delta, BC CANADA


Taylor Van Zant