New Web-based Commission Tracking Software for Insurance Agents and Agencies Launched

CommissionMonitorâ„¢, a new, completely web-based solution for tracking commissions and leads has arrived, giving insurance agents and agency managers access from anywhere at anytime.

Sterling Heights, MI, June 24, 2008 --( CommissionMonitor™ is a completely web-based solution for tracking commissions and leads. Insurance agencies can allow their agents complete access to their individual policies, commissions, and leads from anywhere at anytime. Agents will only see their own individual policies, commissions, and leads while the agency's managers will see the policies and commissions for all of their insurance agents.

Many insurance companies currently use a spreadsheet-based ‘solution’ to track their agents’ commissions. However, spreadsheets are not the right tool for the job, and definitely not the easiest for everyone involved. CommissionMonitor™ is a web-based program that provides agency managers with the necessary tools to manage and track their agents’ commissions quickly and easily. The CommissionMonitor™ software enables agents to quickly enter and edit policy data, while letting managers enter and view agent commissions, trade policies and leads between agents, and access real-time information and statistics to better run their agency. It is a unique program that will assist you to streamline costs and increase productivity. There is no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade on your computers. Users only need a web browser and an Internet connection.

“Tracking your commissions shouldn’t be hard. We make it easy. Unlike other programs that charge you based on the number of users you have and charge you a monthly subscription, CommissionMonitor™ is a one-time payment. That's right, no monthly or annual subscriptions. No extra charges for having more than one user,” said David M. Glaeser Jr., president of Glaeser Enterprises, LLC, creator of CommissionMonitor™.

CommissionMonitor™ provides managers with a central location to input commissions for individual agents while also allowing complete access to an agent's policies. Managers can run reports for commissions during a given time period, such as a week, a month, a year, or as far back as you have policies entered for both individual agents as well as all agents. A renewal report is also included for both individual agents and for all agents during a date range. Finally, managers have a totals report that shows all necessary statistics for their insurance agency, such as how many policies each insurance agent has sold, the percentage of all policies sold that belong to that agent, as well as each agent's policy commissions and premiums.

Agents are not left out here, as they too have a commission report and renewal report they can run in their version of CommissionMonitor™. Each report is based on a date range they enter, just like the manager's version, except they only see information about their own policies. Insurance agents also have their own individual lead tracking built right into CommissionMonitor™, which allows leads to be turned into commissions with the push of a button.

“We have agents across the state of Michigan and had been emailing spreadsheets back and forth to track commissions. It was slow, cumbersome, and just plain horrible. Now, with CommissionMonitor™, our agents can enter their own policies and check on their commissions whenever and wherever they want. I can enter and edit their commissions from the office, home, or even the road,” Julie Chouinard, Manager, Great Lakes Independent Insurance Agency.

Learn more about CommissionMonitor™ and see how you can take control of your agents’ commissions by trying the demo version at

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