New Wedding Company Focuses on Gay Marriages

WowVowNowâ„¢ Sets the Service Standard for Same-Sex Unions in California.

Los Angeles, CA, June 23, 2008 --( WowVowNow is leading the way in this new and exciting change to the wedding industry. Thanks to the State of California finally accepting legal “same-sex” marriages, WowVowNow™ has been created for much needed services that are dedicated to the gay, lesbian, and transgender wedding market.

WowVowNow is a gay-owned, full service wedding agency that provides gay/lesbian officiants and an endless network of gay-owned/gay-friendly businesses to accommodate anything a couple would desire for their special day. The company was started in lieu of the State of California’s overturn of the ban on same-sex marriages, and is the first (and quite possibly the only) company to put a “gay face” on the industry. WowVowNow not only celebrates the economical value of same-sex marriages, but equally rejoices in the accomplishment of this major step forward in our society.

The other primary focus of WowVowNow is the formation of a massive state-wide network of gay-owned and “gay friendly” industry professionals that are all under one umbrella, a “one stop shop” where same-sex couples can easily find what they need. Their vendor network also provides a special discounted rate to WowVowNow customers, giving back to the gay community and coaxing couples to give monetary support to gay businesses. WowVowNow strives to unite the entire wedding industry, from business to business, boosting their sales and henceforth our economy.

WowVowNow plans to stay active in the gay community by sponsoring gay rights organizations and special events/fundraisers, as well as lobbying to continue the advancement of gay rights all across the United States.

WowVowNow was just featured in Newsweek Magazine on June 17th. If you would like more information, or would like to schedule an interview, please call or e-mail Kevin Schwabe; or visit their website at

WowVowNow! - Same Sex Weddings
Rev. Kevin Schwabe