CoLours TV Gets Totally Twisted

CoLours TV airs Totally Twisted Flix, a new movie critic series hosted by Christopher Armstead. The series focuses on the direct to DVD and indy films.

Detroit, MI, June 23, 2008 --( Nations New Humorous Film Critiques: Totally Twisted Flix Airing Weekly on CoLours TV The Multicultural Network.

Don't get all twisted when your DTD (Direct to DVD) cinema favorite doesn't get a high rating from Christopher Armstead, producer and host of the new and hilarious series Totally Twisted Flix. Armstead is going where no man has gone before when it comes to movie critiques.

A longtime movie critic and reviewer for the Web sites and, Armstead is a pioneer when it comes to placing direct to DVD films in the spotlight. Consumers now will have an idea of what to pick in the DVD racks, positioning Totally Twisted Flix as the first TV show focused on this unique segment of the movie market - a $15.9 billion segment in the U.S. in 2007, according to Video Business Magazine research, and $17 billion internationally. Totally Twisted Flix airing nationally on CoLours TV the Multicultural Network

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Totally Twisted Flix is definitely not your average movie review series. It's a funny, fast-paced and informative show, entertaining over 17 million households via CoLours TV, which is available on the Dish Network Channel 9407 and on select cable and broadcast channels across the country. Totally Twisted Flix is a weekly show, airing several times a week on CoLours TV.

Armstead isn't afraid to speak his truth. "I touch movies that the other critics wouldn't dare," he says. With the expansion of home entertainment, the exceptional growth of the DVD market and the explosion of DTD (Direct to DVD) market Armstead is in a league all of his own.

"We want to create a platform to inform movie buffs of the often overlooked Direct to DVD offerings out on the shelves for sale and rent," says Arvell Jones, the show's creator. "Chris took the show and just ran with it, making it even more than I envisioned.

"We think the film community will see the value of the show and want to support it," says CoLours TV EVP Arthur O. Thomas, who was instrumental in making the show a reality. "Chris is perfect for this show, a true film buff and movie fan that can look at a film from many perspectives and enjoy them for what they are. At the same time, when he pans a film he's a laugh riot. It's almost a standup comedy act. He makes you want to see what he's talking about.

"Our goal is to provide our viewers with unique and relevant content, and Totally Twisted Flix helps us achieve this objective," Thomas adds.

Armstead has teamed up with Encode Media Group Inc. for the production of this hilarious show. Encode Media Group is a leading creative source that gives clients the resources needed to effectively communicate their entertainment lifestyle messages. From DVD and CD authoring to animation and TV concept production, Encode continues to provide multimedia entertainment services that soar beyond common media approaches by breaking down trends and setting new industry standards. Totally Twisted Flix is the third TV show Encode Media Group Inc. is involved with that airs on CoLours TV.

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