NY Band Finespun Remixes Songs with Major Label Producers

Hard-rockin' New York City outfit Finespun, without the benefit of a major label has just finished remixing songs for their new CD with major label producers Anthony J. Resta and Karyadi Sutjeda.

New York, NY, June 23, 2008 --(PR.com)-- New York band Finespun remixes songs from upcoming release "In Spite of the Fear" with Collective Soul, Elton John,Megadeath, Perry Farrel producer and engineer's Anthony J. Resta and Karyadi Sutjeda.

Hard-rockin' New York City outfit Finespun has just left the studio where they recorded their latest album, In Spite of the Fear (original recording and pre production by Anthony Santonocito). Without the benefit of a major label or a solid distribution stream, Finespun's entire catalogue has moved more than 5,000 units and has brought them across the country to play for various industry conferences, including South by Southwest, North by Northeast, 2NMC, Millennium Music Conference, and NYC's own MEANYfest.

For this latest offering, Finespun has teamed up with producer Anthony J. Resta and and engineer Karyadi Sutjeda to remix two songs (“Against the Fallout” and “4 Walls, 1 Window”) for their upcoming effort. This powerhouse music industry team has collaborated with a wide variety of big-ticket musical names, including Collective Soul, Elton John, Megadeath, Perry Farrel.

"When A.J. (Resta) chimed in that he wanted to work with us, we were very excited," said Finespun's lead singer Oren Barak. "With his kind of production credits, plus the fact that he's a super nice guy...it's just perfect. We plan to use this to our advantage -- we were given a rare opportunity, and we have no intention of making it go to waste."

In Spite of the Fear, which is scheduled for release in Summer 2008, will enjoy distribution throughout F.Y.E. Stores thanks to Finespun's distribution deal with Stretch the Skies Entertainment. A deal is also in the works for Midwest distribution through Brimstone Records. In addition, In Spite of the Fear will also be available on iTunes and Rhapsody(where fans can currently enjoy the rest of their catalogue).

Finespun, a New York City-based band, has been on the rotation of several radio stations across the country, including in California (KJMB), Ohio (WXTQ), Michigan (WMQT), Montana (KAAK), and New York (WCWP, WBAB, WGBB), as well as on over 200 podcasts, thanks to Ariel Publicity and The Howard Rosen Agency. In addition, their song "Invisible" from their last release titled "Against the Fallout" was featured in an Accuvue commercial, on the company's webisodes of "Hampton High Revealed."

The band hopes to gain financing in order to facilitate a nationwide tour to support their album.

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