Green Nation Gardens Launches Composting Awareness Campaign

If asked, “What is composting” a fair amount of people might have an answer and liken it to piling leaves in the furthest corner of one’s yard. If asked, “What is a composter" most would not know.

Cinnaminson, NJ, June 23, 2008 --( is teaming up with composter importer.

“Green Nation Gardens”, together with “The Composting Warehouse”, a Georgia based importer, is making great strides in introducing to America, a top rated composter known as the Jora Composter, a technologically advanced rotating composter that turns kitchen waste into a rich, nutrient laden, soil like substance that is used for cultivating plants and amending soil. The JK 125 and JK 270 were designed in Sweden in response to tough recycling regulations and have been used successfully by households throughout Scandinavia for many years to compost all kitchen waste, including cooked food and meat products. Many are also in use in schools and kindergartens, where they make a good educational tool for younger pupils. As other European countries adopt similar rules, the JK125/270's proven technology is helping reduce both the burden of waste on landfill sites and trash collection charges, while at the same time turning kitchen waste into nutritious compost that's ready for use on the garden in just a few weeks.

Green Nation Gardens, a web based world wide retailer of organic and all natural garden supplies is conducting a public campaign to encourage households, schools and municipalities alike to give more emphasis on composting in an effort to reduce the flow of waste into our nations landfills. Vera Pappas, owner of the web based retail giant says, “As people learn about composting and its benefits, they want the very best equipment possible. Pappas goes on to say, “Most people are referred to us by very happy friends and relatives who are seeing the results of composting with the Jora Composting System. For more information about Jora Composters, visit

Green Nation Gardens is committed to contributing to the betterment of the planet using her expertise, excellent customer service and environmentally conscious products.

Green Nation Gardens
Mark Pappas