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Online Casino Players Win More Great Prizes

There's a boat load more prizes on offer every month at Online Gambling Insider, the leading gambling information site and industry observer. Players won great prizes in May, including an Iphone, Slingbox Pro and Amazon gift cards.

Johannesburg, South Africa, June 22, 2008 --( Online Gambling Insider's monthly competitions have become hugely popular and feedback has been overwhelming. The portal proves month after month that it is much more than just an average online gambling information source, through its unique guarantee service, exclusive casino bonuses and free to enter prize draws.

Seven lucky players won prizes in May 2008:

Renee B from Minnesota won an Iphone: "That's awesome - I can't wait to check it out!! I've played a other online casinos in the past but yours is easily the best I've found. Love the Video Slots!" (commenting on Royal Vegas Casino).

J-M Lecomte from Holland won a Nintendo Wii: "thanks for the good news. To be honest I was first rather skeptical and thought it was either spam or a joke but from what I could check all is genuine so I can just thank you and will be very happy to receive the Nintendo WII" (Won at Playshare Casino).

John H from the United Kingdom won an Ipod Touch: "What a great surprise. I have an ancient Ipod that I still use and it's definitely time for something new!"

Every month sees a number of draws on offer including a Sony PSP, an Apple iPhone and an iPod Touch. These prizes are exclusive to Online Gambling Insider, and winners are announced as soon as possible after the end of the month.

"We are so excited about our latest winners. Seven lucky players received the great news from us and we hope there will be many more in the months and yeas to come," says Ryan D, editor of Online Gambling Insider.

Find all the information you need at Online Gambling Insider's Online Casino Giveaways pages. The competitions are open to people from all over the world. Entry is free and to qualify for any particular prize you simply need to sign up at a sponsor casino and meet their minimum deposit requirements.

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