Murder Out of Focus

The first in a series of mystery novels featuring P.I. Nick Steele. Since the police have written off Jack Lorenzo's death as a botched robbery, Nick decides to solve the murder himself. It's the least he could do, Jack was Nick's best friend. Nick quickly discovers that somebody wanted Jack out of the way and once he begins his snooping, Nick becomes the next target. Unfortunately, the deeper he gets, the more the murder goes out of focus. Can Nick solve the case before he gets whacked himself.

Toronto, Canada, June 19, 2008 --( The first in a series of mystery novels featuring P.I. Nick Steele.

Actor/entertainer and now author, Kris Ryan, has taken advantage of the digital world and published Murder Out Of Focus on

Mr. Ryan using his years of experience as an entertainer/actor, his work as a content writer/editor and his love of a good detective story to create Private Investigator Nick Steele. A modern hard boiled detective, pounding the sometimes seedy streets of Toronto the good.

Gary Brennan comments: “Ryan’s wry wit crackles in his first noir turn with Murder Out Of Focus. Nick Steel’s on a deadly mission in a pot boiler Ryan cooks up that’ll keep you stewing to the bitter end.”

By using what is commonly referred to as Toronto the good, or Toronto the clean, Mr. Ryan uses his tarnished antihero to weave around those credentials and lands his character with both feet smack dab into the hidden seediness, and edginess that any large metropolis has smoldering under the surface. Even Toronto the good.

Mr. Ryan says “I was working on a suspense screenplay when editors and other writers suggested I might try my hand at a mystery novel. It didn’t seem that far fetched since I had read many of them over the years and already had a character in mind. So with a little prodding Nick Steel and Murder Out Of Focus was born.”

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Kris Ryan lives in Toronto and works as an actor/writer, throughout the country, primarily on stage, but has also appeared in many feature films and numerous TV shows including Leap Years, Queer As Folk, Sue Thomas: F.B Eye and the Emmy Award winning series Monk.

Murder Out Of Focus
Kris Ryan