Dark World International Releases 'Chapter One - Remastered' from Stygian Tars

Dark World International is proud to announce the release of 'Chapter One - Remastered' from Stygian Tars.

Bantry, Ireland, June 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The early work of avant-garde industrial dance group Stygian Tars has been remastered and digitally released on iTunes by Dark World International. 'Chapter One - Remastered' reintroduces fans to Stygian Tars' first release, 'Chapter One', with a cleaner and crisper sound than ever before available.

Hailed as a band to remember as early as 1997, Stygian Tars impressed critics not only with their professional sound quality but also with their style, called "very eclectic and unusual industrial with lots of experimental and gothic influences" (Corridor of Cells). Compared to the works of avant-garde composer Gyorgy Ligeti, and masters of twentieth century music John Cage, Penderecki, and Schoenberg, Stygian Tars' sound remained "... very original ... a style and sound truly their own." (Corridor of Cells)

The combined improvisational work of Milwaukee's Black Orchid members J.A.B. and Sven Kort with recording artist Kylyra, Stygian Tars recorded their live sessions of dynamic, unforgettable playing for one year. Having felt they had musically explored all they could together Stygian Tars ceased active recording in 1997, but the possibility of a future reunion is not out of the question. "Interest in Stygian Tars is very high on the internet," according to Dark World International President Kris Ameringer. "Everyone at Dark World would love to see Stygian (Tars) reunite. With the growth I've heard from the artists involved and the continued increased quality of Dark World's recording abilities, a reunion of Stygian Tars would be sure to produce some of the best experimental improvisation the industry has heard in awhile."

With three well-selling releases, 'Abridged Edition', 'Chapter Four', and 'Chapter Five', already available on iTunes fans worldwide will be sure to include 'Chapter One - Remastered' in their collections. Streamed tracks from Stygian Tars can be listened to at Cyqo Music, CNET and MySpace.

'Chapter One - Remastered' from Stygian Tars is now available on iTunes. Dark World International is proud to release the industrial dance 'Chapter One - Remastered' for fans worldwide to enjoy.

Kris Ameringer, President

Dark World International
Kris Ameringer