New Occupation in Hot Demand: Virtual Buzz Assistants

Virtual Buzz Assistant is a growing occupation field that is helping people work virtually and provide important targeted services to busy professionals.

Kent, OH, June 25, 2008 --( Companies and individuals that want to enhance their image and build their audience face some difficult choices. They can hire a marketing or PR agency, or they can try to do it themselves since many of the tools people use today are low cost or free. If they go it alone, a good option is to hire a virtual assistant to help with the many tasks involved in creating higher online visibility.

The problem with hiring a virtual assistant to help with marketing activity is that you can rarely be certain how much of a specialist they are in your particular marketing needs. Plus, there are ethical boundaries that, if crossed, could hurt a person's online reputation instead of help it. To get good results from a virtual assistant in marketing activities you need to really interview a lot of people and specifically explain the activities you would like them to do, as well as define the guidelines you want them to follow.

The Rise of the Virtual Buzz Assistant -

Buzzoodle coined the job title “Virtual Buzz Assistant” in early 2008 to refer to people that acted as virtual assistants that specialize in online marketing and buzz. They are certified in basic ethical behavior of online marketing and focus on a variety of tasks that can help someone build their online brand.

Some of the activities these people have specialize in are:

- Blog & Newsletter Writing
- Online Advocacy and Promotion
- List Development
- Social Media Participation
- Community Management
- Profile Management

Virtual Buzz Assistants always represent the client in an ethical and open manner, never hiding an identity or posing as a consumer. Instead, they do clear tasks that help a person or group do a better job of extending their image, influence and brand online.

Virtual Buzz Assistants enjoy working in a virtual environment in a social manner that is of high value to clients. Many people understand the importance of doing a good job of building visibility online but they are too busy to do a good job of it themselves. People that use Virtual Buzz Assistants include:

- Authors
- Speakers
- Musicians
- Start up companies
- Visible Executives
- Niche Product Companies
- Non-Profits
- Marketing Agencies looking for support

The Virtual Buzz Assistant career path will only continue to rise as more people need help promoting themselves in the growing online social media space. People can go to and get certified and access to training. Potential clients can go there and submit a request for a Virtual Buzz Assistant for free. The request goes out to the network, and the client works directly with the Virtual Buzz Assistant based on the agreement they arrange.

Ron McDaniel of Buzzoodle founded the network. “I travel the country speaking on Buzz Marketing and new media. I saw a real need for this kind of help. Virtual Buzz Assistants bridge the gap between expensive marketing firms and virtual assistant generalists that do not spend time specializing.”

The future belongs to those who can build audiences, find new audiences and maintain great relationships with those groups. Virtual Buzz Assistants are playing a big roll in helping people realize those goals and build their influence every day.

Note to Editors and Producers: Ron McDaniel, author of Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing, is available for interviews. Contact 330.815.2742

Ron McDaniel