After Selling Over $100 Million in Balzac Toys, Mary Rodas is Now Giving Balzac2 Away for Free at

Syosset, NY, June 25, 2008 --( Mary Rodas, who was an original and youngest member ever admitted to the Hispanic American Hall of Fame and in her teens had her life story as the "Teenage Toy Tycoon" featured in magazines, newspapers, radio and television shows around the world, has announced that all Balzac2 balls are being given away Free at, the Balzac Toys website (shipping and handling charges apply - limit 1 to a customer.)

"After the tremendous success of the Balzac brand over the past 25 years, we want to thank our customers by giving away the Balzac2 Earth Balls which are great for educational use and outdoor play. We are putting them on where select items are featured and everything in the 'World of Balzac' section is Free," says Mary. "We have been thrilled by the thousands of people who have made our website hot and we keep rewarding the kids and adults who visit it with these incredible new offers."

Balzac, the famous balloon in a cloth sack ball, became a major hit and was distributed by such companies as Hasbro, Wham-O and other toy companies throughout the world. During the 1990’s the company underwent a brief period in Chapter 11 while licensed to a licensee that did not work out. However, in less than one year all creditors were paid off with interest and the company got their product back. The original Balzac is now a classic in the toy industry. It is still a favorite at DisneyWorld, a popular premium for major companies and a consistent seller for mail order houses.

Mary and her company are not resting on the past success of Balzac. "Balzac3 will be introduced in 2009 and it is a real revolution. It is another “knock your socks off” product!" announced Mary, without giving away any of the new features of her latest toy product. Meanwhile, she also works as both a philanthropist and as an advisor at New York College of Health Professions ( ). As a minority who has lived the "American Dream," Mary is hoping that anyone who gets a Balzac2 for Free (a $22.00 value) might make a donation instead to . "When I became a Scholastic Mentor I was one of the few minorities whose story became required reading in elementary schools. But Senator Obama blows the ceiling off everything for every minority and I strongly support him."

"In any event, take advantage of this unbelievable offer and have a Balzac2 on us, for nothing, and be on the lookout for next Balzac line. Balzac 3, well that will be a whole new chapter in this somewhat tired industry which we will jolt again," says Mary.

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