Ella's Addresses the Threat of Bathroom Falls for Aging Adults

Chicago, IL, June 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Slip sliding away may be a catchy phase for a pop song, but when you’re slipping getting in or out of the tub it’s no laughing matter. When this song was written, the Baby Boomer generation would never have thought about bath tub safety. But that’s all changing now that millions of Boomers have achieved or are approaching senior citizen status.

Senior citizens, just like your parents or grandparents, struggle every day trying to perform everyday tasks. They struggle with the crippling fear of falling. In fact, the likelihood of your aging loved one enduring a fall increases with the chance of serious injuries from falling as they age.

Ella's Bubbles has written a white paper, Walk-In Tubs and Bathroom Safety for Senior Citizens, outlining research on the dangers of bathroom falls for senior citizens. In Walk-In Tubs and Bathroom Safety, Ella’s Bubbles illustrates the importance of home safety for aging adults and the importance of home aids such as walk-in tubs.

“The bathroom poses a major threat to the safety of senior citizens. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the homes of aging adults. The Home Safety Council reported that more than 170,000 emergency room visits per year are a result of bathtub and shower falls. It is no hidden fact that many seniors will forgo the luxury of a bath for a shower to avoid having to climb in and out of the bath tub. Even still, while showering these individuals still have the fear of slipping in the shower and resort to holding onto towel racks for support. Walk-in bathtubs offer seniors the chance to bathe in safety and the comfort of getting to soak in a tub. Walk-in tubs, such as walk-in tubs from Ella’s Bubbles, offer a range of safety and comfort features. Walk-in tubs work by providing a door to step into the bathtub as opposed to stepping into the tub. A watertight door seal will provide protection from water spills on the bathroom floor and easy access into the bathtub. Ella’s offers a limited lifetime warranty for the door to ensure quality of their product.”

For more information on Ella’s Bubbles and their efforts for senior home safety, please call (312) 649 0068, visit www.EllasBubbles.com, or see the White Paper “Walk-In Tubs and Bathroom Safety for Senior Citizens” below.

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