Is Iran's History on Course to Repeat Itself?

Ata Servati, noted Iranian Author, filmmaker and poet, is releasing his new novel, "In Search of Heaven", which tells the true story of an American Missionary who traveled to Iran in 1907 to be a teacher, but became an inspiration to the people and sparked a revolution against their corrupt government. This book brings into question the possibility of Iran repeating it's own history with it's current political leadership.

Los Angeles, CA, April 13, 2006 --( Today’s world is changing rapidly with the widespread fear of terrorism, nuclear warfare and an unprecedented height of riots and political disturbances worldwide. Iran has become an International centerpiece for much of this concern because of its radical leadership and vocal threats against a peaceful society, even while the majority of Iranians worldwide disagree with this drastic policy. 

This current state of affairs has thrust Author Ata Servati into the International media spotlight with his new novel “In Search of Heaven”. As a noted poet, playwright and filmmaker who was born in Tehran, Iran but was forced to leave just before the revolution, Mr. Servati has become a voice for the Iranian people in commenting on the political and ever changing face of the Persian culture and influence around the world. 

“In Search of Heaven” chronicles the true life story of an American who went to Tabriz, Iran in 1907 as a Missionary and teacher. This man, Howard Baskerville, was a student of Princeton University Theological Seminary and upon graduation he had difficulty finding placement to begin his work. After receiving a letter of recommendation from one of his professors, he was able to acquire a position as a teacher in Tabriz. This Professor was Woodrow Wilson, who later became the President of the United States that developed, and brought into existence, the Foreign policy of the United States that shaped America’s political position in the world. Interestingly, Howard became a beloved figure in the history of Iran and his passion inspired a rise of the people against their corrupt government after the Russians destroyed the parliament, killing all of its representatives, to break down the existing democracy in the country. This became a turning point in the history of Iran.

By studying and comparing the political aspirations and drastic measures taken by the current Iranian government to the leadership of the government as covered in “In Search of Heaven”, it is very clear that history is taking its course again in this country that has helped shaped civilization as we know it. It has even been recently discovered and agreed on among scholars and archeologists alike, that Tabriz is also the place that was the birthplace of humanity, the Garden of Eden. This discovery has brought much attention to Iran among religious leaders and organizations worldwide as a place of spiritual significance and historical importance. Because of things such as this and the media attention and political relevance of this novel, “In Search of Heaven”, and its dynamic story, has also caught the attention of some of Hollywood’s elite and it is being adapted into a Major Motion Picture for theatrical release worldwide. 

This book is more than only a novel, it is a powerful and inspiring tool to people of any race or religion, and it emphasizes the importance and power of spirituality in our lives, and how people from different cultures can learn from each other and live in harmony in difficult times. It is a story of human interest and a powerful testimony of one man’s determined faith and dedication to a people he did not know, to a world he had just discovered and a life he gave completely to the cause of the people, and became known as the “son of freedom”. 

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