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Magnum Technologies Offers the Holy Grail of IT Service Management to CIO's

Magnum Technologies’ ADVANTAGE Business Service Management Software Aligns IT Departments with Business Objectives. Offers Business Service Discovery, Service Level Management, ITIL Compliance Reporting and Multi-Layer Correlation which helps to prioritize IT activities based on the impact to the business, and true integration with third party management tools.

Minneapolis, MN, April 13, 2006 --( – Magnum Technologies’ Business Service Management Software bridges the gap between the IT Department and the business and in doing so delivers the Holy Grail of IT Service Management to its customers.

Jean-Pierre Garbani, Forrester Research, Vice President of Computing Infrastructures and Security group states that, “Aligning IT with business objectives and showing the value of IT to the business is often seen as the Holy Grail by many CIO’s.”

Service Level Management is a key discipline of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) which provides businesses with a customizable framework of best practices to achieve quality service and overcome difficulties associated with the growth of IT systems.

“The ability to connect the IT department to the business and create an increase in IT productivity while decreasing cost is what senior level executives demand,” says Mike Ducatelli, executive vice president, Magnum Technologies. “Magnum Technologies’ BSM offering delivers that exact connection and also allows for efficient and streamlined ITIL adoption.”

Magnum Technologies, in a newly released whitepaper entitled "Leveraging Magnum Technologies’ ADVANTAGE® Software to Achieve Your Service Level Management and ITIL Initiatives" identifies the following CIO demands:
-A better way to predict where potential IT problems may arise
-Tools that automate routine IT management tasks
-Systems that evaluate how IT performance affects business operations
-Turn-key, “out of the box” service level management that can be deployed easily and accelerate the time-to-value

Currently available management platforms and point products have fallen short in meeting enterprises’ SLM and ITIL initiative requirements. They often require considerable time and staff skills to deploy and integrate these tools, and they still do not provide an end-to-end view of the enterprise operation at the infrastructure, application and business unit levels.

Magnum Technologies ADVANTAGE Business Service Management software overcomes these obstacles and is differentiated by the following key abilities:

-Eliminates time spent identifying and tracking IT components thanks to its Automated Business Service Discovery feature for dependency mapping of all IT assets that support a line of business

-Measures IT effectiveness and efficiency with Service-Level Management and ITIL Compliance Reporting

-Prioritizes IT activities based on business value with Multi-Layer Correlation for IT/Business Impact Management

-Improves the business’ ability to deliver value through Third-Party Management Software Integration

Systems Operators can deliver the Holy Grail of Service Level Management to their organizations, when they request a copy of "Leveraging Magnum Technologies’ ADVANTAGE Software to Achieve Your Service Level Management and ITIL Initiatives".

To request a copy, please visit:

About Magnum Technologies
Magnum Technologies develops software solutions that align IT operations with enterprise priorities. Magnum Technologies’ suite of automated management solutions includes DIAGNOSEIT®, COORDINATOR™, CAP-TREND® and its flagship product, ADVANTAGE®. 

Magnum Technologies’ software solutions are designed to easily integrate with and enhance the effectiveness of existing management platforms by monitoring and measuring IT performance from a line-of-business perspective. Magnum Technologies’ clients include Fort Sam Houston, BRG and Starz. Visit Magnum Technologies at

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