KLAS Rates 3 Medical Oncology IT Vendors

At the request of healthcare providers seeking to modernize their oncology practices, KLAS delved into the medical oncology marketplace and produced this initial study on the market.

Orem, UT, June 26, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Oncology is an immature IT market with only a modest number of vendors currently delivering medical oncology solutions. The blended inpatient/outpatient world that oncology represents is an inherent IT challenge to providers. On one hand, an outpatient solution would need to incorporate not only the ordering, but also many of the traditional EMR/PM functions, such as billing, scheduling, and creating patient records. This dichotomy between the two environments prompted many of the provider requests for this study.

Additionally, oncology is a large specialty area within healthcare that has seen relatively little automation, specifically in medical oncology. A number of KLAS provider partners, motivated by the need to modernize their oncology practices asked KLAS to research the oncology IT market which resulted in this first KLAS study on medical oncology information systems.

KLAS found that at least 6 clinical vendors are in some stage of development and deployment of an oncology extension to their ordering platforms, or are partnering with a dedicated oncology vendor. In most cases these solutions are years away from being robust oncology applications and have not yet been commercially released.

Those interviewed said that they are using 100% of the medical oncology module offered by their vendor. Fifty-three percent of respondents reported that the oncology product they use has the functionality they need.

The three vendors qualifying for inclusion in this report are IMPAC, IntrinsiQ, and Varian. Other vendors that are either in this market or poised to enter it were not included due to a lack of sufficient installations or validated live organizations.

Read more about the report findings by visiting their website.

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