Hartford Area BJJ Academy Opens in Glastonbury, CT

Hartford, CT, June 26, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Hartford area BJJ school opens in Glastonbury.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fanatics unite. A new BJJ school with a unique and better way to think about training has opened at 160 Oak Street, Unit 210 in Glastonbury, CT. No egos, no long term contracts, no BS about what other BJJ schools students can train with.

How is GBMA different? 1. Memberships are for Private Lessons. Students get private instruction + access to open mat time to train with fellow students. Rates rival competitor group prices. 2. GBMA curriculum is not a secret and students will understand from the beginning what it takes to advance to blue belt and beyond. No mystery as to what is expected.

GB Martial Arts offers training in BJJ fundamentals (gi and no-gi). Learn grappling and self defense skills for life while getting in the best shape ever. Learn more at www.GirouxBros.com or call 860.633.1466 anytime.

Easy to get to from I84 to Rte 2. Less than 10 minutes from downtown Hartford.

GB Martial Arts
Jeff Giroux