Global Mainframe and MapFusion Announce Merger; Set to Sell Exclusive Rights to MoveWise by Country

In the wake of its acquisition of MapFusion, Global Mainframe is speaking to various possible partners who have expressed an interest in licensing MoveWise on a territory by territory basis.

Toronto, Canada, June 27, 2008 --( Steve Turcotte, CEO and Chairman of Calgary-based SaaS solutions provider Global Mainframe, is proud to announce today the completion of a merger with MapFusion. With this acquisition, the company will begin to deploy critical geospatial mapping resources and immediately maximize its recently showcased Energy Resource Manager™ targeting the Oil and Gas industry.

“It’s taken a few months to get to know each other since being introduced” explains Turcotte, “but we’re extremely happy with the result. The people at MapFusion who have been extensively testing GIS mapping functionality within the real estate sector in fact provide us many new opportunities to explore and we’re certainly better positioned to compete effectively with an enhanced ERM module, and support an expanding portfolio of services.”

MoveWise, a geospatial-enabled data aggregation and reporting tool, was developed for relocation professionals exclusively, and augments CommunityWise, a retail application online currently used by relocating consumers across North America. “We believe we’ll quickly partner with a licensor to sell MoveWise into a very lucrative market,” Turcotte continues. “Our teams succeeded over the past few months to refine the product, and an advanced version was showcased at the NRC show in San Antonio last month.”

Located in Toronto, over the past year MapFusion’s developers have been working closely with industry leaders and partners to evolve relocation-specific product, integrating new and innovative technology with data-driven maps to reduce the clients’ actual cost of relocation, as well as the personal stress involved with moving the employee and family members.

“As a data aggregator this merger is a logical step for us,” concludes Turcotte. “We are aware that MapFusion has been instrumental in developing proprietary and renowned tracking software for the transportation industry and we intend to leverage our complementary competencies to exploit opportunities in the Oil and Gas sector right now.”

About Global Mainframe:
Global Mainframe, a Calgary-based company, trading on the NASDAQ Bulletin Board, symbol: GMFCF, offers SaaS solutions to specific needs of the Oil and Gas Industry, delivered over the internet. Additional modules cover specific operational areas such as dispatching, field ticketing, inventory controls, and employee training. Global Mainframe also provides an extensive MapFusion mapping engine which is integrated into the base platform. The mapping functions and the associated modules offer industry specific map data layers to help visualize and operate the clients’ business effectively.

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Graeme Boyce